About Rivertowne Brewing
Not so long ago, back in 2002, an aspiring restaurateur and his family bought the original Rivertowne, nestled along the Allegheny River in Verona, right outside of Pittsburgh.

They were destined to fashion an old watering hole into a unique place that would bring people together out of similar taste for great food and better beer.

In need of a new face for the Rivertowne -- that would pay tribute to friends of the past and represent new bonds of the future-- arose their mascot, Wylie the fish. Personal preference led to additional taps; offering a diverse variety of brews. This became a driving force that established Rivertowne as a destination bar; drawing in the beer enthusiast locale.

With the addition of a brewer, the family business expanded into an even bigger Rivertowne Family. A collective passion for beer inevitably led to a conversation about creating a brand they could call their own. As plans were being made for the brewery they decided a new look was in order. Wylie the fish now stood beside the Pittsburgh city scape, a move that would trace them back to their roots no matter where the beer might take them.

Despite our growth and accomplishments thus far, we'll never forget where we started. In fact, we'd like to thank you for joining us as we continue to count our blessings and remain committed to the mission that got us started.