Jah Mon, it's time to say goodbye to the Winter Blahs and welcome the sun with an Island Party... Old Wylie is cranking up the island cuisine which pairs ever so nicely with our Paradise Brews (Grateful White, Hala Kahki, and Jah Mon). The Rivertowne LabRats demonstrate their creativity with a few rare and unique small batch offerings. Did someone say Jah Mon in a Rum barrel?

No party is complete without music, Jah Mon - ya can relax der will be some good island music playin' during da festivities! Dat is why da Flow Band will be providing the positive vibes generating from the island of Pittsburgh.

Mark Brewer will bring the book for BEER enthusiasts who want to learn more! Starting with an introduction to the history of beer, this 196 page hardcover A–Z dictionary takes a look at the various styles of beer and common verbiage associated with it while educating the reader in the process. Covering everything from Abbey to Aging, Hops to Head Retention, and Skunky to Stout, Mark Brewer's Brewology is perfect for beer lovers everywhere!

The Deal:
$42 for Tickets for TWO to JahLa Island Party includes Souvenir Glass, Drinks, and Food ($76 value). Sample spicy Caribbean cuisine paired perfectly with Rivertowne brews. The festivities kick off at 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 23rd.

GROUPON tickets are SOLD OUT! A limited number of tickets have been reserved event day purchase. Ask your Tap Room Server!

Did we mention the beer list? Six tables with 2 beers each will be available when Rick Sebak taps the Cask to kickoff the Jah-La party. Want to take a peek?