Visit the Tap Room - Jah-La Party Brews
In the Production Brewery in Export, PA

The Tap Room is a great place to grab a pint and hang out with fellow beer lovers. We have plenty of space to accommodate large groups as well as a covered patio where you can hang with friends. You can also purchase Rivertowne Gear or pick up packaged (6-Pack, 12-Pack, Case, Sixtel, and Kegs) beer to go.

Jah-La Party Brews
Jah-La Sour Table
Wylie's Wild Apple
Red Sour
First, we spontaneously fermented with wild yeast over one hundred gallons of fresh pressed Apple Cider from the Delmont Apple Festival with a dry, Irish Red Ale. Then we let the whole thing age with Honey, Vanilla Bean & Mulling Spices in local Whiskey barrels from our Friends at Wigle Whiskey. Whose ready for barrel-aged apple pie?
Brett Raspberry Belgian
Belgian Blonde Sour
A Belgian Blonde Ale aged with Raspberries and Brettenomiceous Yeast in French Oak Cabernet Barrels. This baby sells itself.
King Kahuna (On-Deck)
Hoppy Pineapple Ale
Extra hopped Hala Kahiki Pineapple Ale fermented dry and aged in fourth generation Rum Barrels from local distillers Pennsylvania Pure. After two generation of Pineapple Sour and a Barrel Aged Session IPA, this ale is loaded with complexity. Take a sip, hail the king...
Jah-La Belgian Table
Grape and Grain
Belgian Blonde
Over one ton of California Chardonnay grapes was fresh pressed by our friends at local winery Engine House 25 before being fermented with a Belgian Blonde Ale. The resulting high-gravity fruit beer was then aged in French Oak Chardonnay barrels to add even more complexity to this Belgian Ale. Drink this one with your pinky up!
Celebration Bitches
Belgian Wit
Belgian Wheat Ale brewed with Local Honey, Lemongrass, Coriander, Orange Peel, Rose Petal, and Elderflower. We live carbonated this with extra honey just so those Belgian Yeast can keep on partying. This truly is a celebration, bitches.
Dry-Hopped Pilsner (On-Deck)
A crisp, biscuit-y pilsner dry hopped with what may or may not be Australian Galaxy (Don't tell our boss - They are pricy!)
Jah-La IPA Table
Amarillo Kush
White IPA
Belgian Wheat IPA brewed with Honey Malt, Lemongrass, Amarillo and Columbus Hops, and fermented with pureed Tangerines- the dank nose on this ale is sure to bring you back to the 1970’s! …Oh Tangerine, Tangerine, living reflection of a dream…
Oh Donna
Amber IPA
A Bright and Vibrant Amber IPA brewed with caramel-y Belgian Special B Malt, West Coast Columbus & Cascade Hops, and fermented with French Oak Chips. Ohhhhhh Donna! Its French.
50 Shades of IPA (On-Deck)
Black IPA
A big Black IPA brewed with bitter chocolate malt, nearly 100 IBU of west coast style hops, and aged on Scotch Barrel Oak chips. The bite of this ale will leave you beggin' for more (if you're into that kind of thing). Before we start, our safety word is Wylie...
Jah-La Malt Table
Brisket Smoked Rye
Smoked Rye
The Rye Malt that takes center stage in this lovely ale spent over fourteen hours getting smoked with Brisket by our friends at Pittsburgh Smokehouse. Combined with British Maris Otter Malt and High-Gravity Smoked beer will make you think you took on the whole cow!
Black Garlic Chipotle Porter
American Porter
A Robust Style Porter brewed with Savory Black Garlic and Smoky Chipotle Pepper in honor of the savory and smoky man who keeps our paychecks coming.
Jah-La Casks 'nat
Extra Toasted
Session IPA
Jah Man Session IPA aged on Toasted Coconuts and served old fashion style from a cask. Youll be feeling that Island Toast in no time at all!
Session IPA
Jah Man Sesion IPA aged with dark roast coffee beans and served from a cask. Roasty and hoppy, enjoy your morning cup o' Jah!
Jah-La Nitro
Bourbon Barrel Aged Scottish
Bourbon Barrel Scottish
Maxwell's Scottish Ale aged in Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels and infused with Nitrogen. Dark, toasty, and creamy with lovely notes of rich oak and vanilla.
Orange Dreamsickle
Tangerine Wheat
Our Grateful White, Belgian Wit, aged with pureed tangerines, then infused with nitogen for a creamy mouthfeel. If you don't drink this fast enough - it may melt on your hands. What a mess...
Pineapple Reserve (On-Deck)
Barrel Aged Pineapple
A refreshing version of our Hala Kahiki Pineapple Ale aged in first generation Rum barrels from our friends at PA Pure, then infused with nitrogen for a creamy mouthfeel.